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Checkweigher Data Collection

Plantstats unique design makes it compatible with most makes and models of checkweigher. The software completely transforms checkweighers from generators of rarely read paper records to a fully functioning Quality and Production Management System. Weight and yield information along with performance data is collected in real time to give production and technical managers the tools to reduce costs and ensure compliance.

All Makes and Models

Plantstats supports over 20 different makes and models of checkweigher, and on many current installations data is being collected from a combination of 3 or 4 different models and combined to produce seamless management reports.

Production Information

Plantstats has been designed in co-operation with several major food manufacturers to produce concise production information enabling ‘give away’ to be reduced and efficiency increased. Our standard reports include:

  • Overfill costing
  • Production performance
  • Batch performance
  • Production rates
  • Line Efficiency
  • Reject analysis
  • Trading standard records

Alternatively, Microsoft Excel or a report writer can be used to design custom reports

Trading Standards and Customer Audits

Plantstats collects and stores data in a format that means it can be easily retrieved and presented to auditors. Powerful exception reporting features mean that any non-compliance can be easily identified along with notes on any corrective actions. Customisable product groups enables reporting based on customer or product type.

Ease of Use

Operator training is minimal as the process to select a product on the checkweigher does not change. Managers and administrator will find our web based reports easy to use and can be run from within an existing Web browser.

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