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OEE & Downtime

The Plantstats OEE [Overall Equipment Effectiveness] & Downtime system gives production managers a powerful tool to analyse factory efficiency. With a simple to use operator interface, Plantstats quickly identifies efficiency issues, from reliability problems on individual pieces of equipment to material supply problems on the line. Plantstats allows you to take control of your production processes and identify and eliminate weaknesses.

Universal suitability

Plantstats simple design makes it suitable for any line. From complex bottling lines in breweries to simple bagging lines in a fresh vegetable factory, Plantstats scalability provides all the line performance and KPI data required to manage a modern factory. A minimum of wiring and no requirement for plc software changes means that any installation can be carried out swiftly and with little disruption.

Plantstats generates clear, concise reports specially designed for the food and drinks industry, providing you with jargon free OEE data to help you manage your business.

Clear concise reports

Standard reports include:

  • Site OEE analysis
  • Line performance
  • Shift Performance
  • Mean Time to failure/repair

Ease of Use

Our Smart Panel keypads simplify the process of data collection to a single button press prior to restarting the line. With just a few minutes training, operators can accurately produce the detailed information required for downtime and OEE analysis to drive forward line efficiency improvements and achieve real time cost reductions. This is all achieved paperlessly and without further data entry.

Connection to plc's and line control signals is also possible adding to the flexibility of the system.

Plantstats Integration

The system data is stored in a Microsoft SQL database enabling you to exchange data with your existing systems. In addition Plantstats can read data from ERP and production planning systems, eliminating duplication of data entry and facilitating the production of seamless factory reports.

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